Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Here

Today in 1954:
The first Nuclear Powered Submarine was deployed from Connecticut.
Well today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The man was an absolute inspiration, leader, and visionary. It's a sad thing when a person like that is suddenly stripped from our world.

How many of today's activists show such courage and bravery as Martin Luther King Jr. did? One might go so far as to think Al Sharpton, but with what dignity is he doing his activism?

There is little finesse in today's racial activists. There is no longer a fight for freedom from racism, it seems, but a treatment of specialty, and not equality. It's a shame that men like Martin Luther King Jr. were still not alive to fight for the freedom of all men.

Let's all remember his messages, his encouragement, and his courage to see that all men, white, black, and in between, stayed free, not in mere slave/master free, but in life, love, happiness, and in the ability to see their dreams fulfilled regardless of ethnic background.

God bless Martin Luther King Jr.

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